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dennis fox
1 month ago

The vote for lower taxes was significantly higher, because many people in Sheridan are struggling financially. The virus has hit almost everyone’s wallet and there’s never been a better time to vote ourselves a tax break, than right now. Lower taxes will let us all keep more money, then spend it on things we need most. A lower 5% sales tax will boost our personal and local economy. Lower taxes are always better for individuals, household budgets and local businesses. Voting “NO” on re-imposing the highest sales tax in Wyoming will force gov’t to be more efficient with our money. We all need a tax break, now more than ever. 13 of Wyoming’s 23 counties do just fine on a 5% sales tax. Do they know something we don’t? Or are they just more efficient at spending tax-payer money? Maybe their politicians understand the true benefits of lower taxes and don’t try to use scare-tactics to intimidate voters. We should join the majority of low-tax, growing economies and quit trying to sell the lie that, “lower taxes are good for us.” They are Not. Lower taxes are always better for everyone! Remember the Boston Tea Party? Americans will always spend their money more wisely than gov’t ever can or will. Always. Bring Back the 5% Sales tax.