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Lost dog? It may be at the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter

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The Sheridan Police Department employs two Community Service Officers (CSO) who perform a series of duties that revolve around city ordinance enforcement and community oriented service. 

One of those duties is finding and capturing stray dogs and cats that may be causing a nuisance to a neighborhood. Those dogs and cats are taken to the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter. 

Recently, Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter Dog Lead Emi Whiting appeared on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program and asked those who may be looking for a lost animal to start their search with the shelter. 

According to Whiting, owners have five business days to come into the shelter and claim their animal. After those five business days, the shelter will own the animal and begin the process to find them a new home. Recently, Whiting has received a handful of animals that show signs they belong to someone. 

E. Whiting

After a large thunderstorm or a fireworks display in the area, the shelter expects to see an influx of dogs who may have become frightened and run off, only to either be caught by a CSO or turned in by a resident who may have found the animal. But recently the shelter has received a few dogs that look and behave as if they were recently owned. So Whiting is asking the community to check the shelter for any lost dogs or cats.  

The shelter has a policy to not post photos of animals they believe to belong to a home as a matter of security. 

If an animal has gone missing or has run off, contact the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter at 307-674-7694. They will request a description of the animal and a $20 fee will be charged for every night the animal is housed in the facility.

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